1. 15:24 28th May 2013

    Notes: 1

    Rather than focus on who produces cultural artifacts through online avenues I want to focus on who builds the infrastructure as a whole. Not who designs apps, but who constructs the programming language and hardware they run on.
  2. 15:00

    Notes: 1

    If virtual bodies are to be taken seriously, real-world politics will enter into the equation. But of course, cyberculture had real-world political intent all along.
  3. Surviving independent critic Jennifer Allen, for one, has argued criticism is not dead, but is in fact mutating into a funny little creature borne of critic–curators: a cura-cism with no clear divisions of labour, a stylistic potpourri of gently overlapping conflicts of interest, which strives to convey a theory-driven contextualization of art to a shifting, heterogeneous public. A public it can nonetheless disappoint.
  4. Essayism consists in a self-absorbed subject feeling around life, exercising what Theodor Adorno called the “essay’s groping intention,” approaching everything tentatively and with short attention, drawing analogies between the particular and the universal.
  5. 16:36 23rd May 2013

    Notes: 1

    How can everyone’s life become a work of art in this age of standardized commodities and services?”

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